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The terms and conditions of the "Tech-Me" website are written first to preserve the rights of customers. 

Tech-Me is a Capital Agro Trading and Distribution company, working in the field of distributing electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops, home appliances, as well as accessories and other technology entertainment products.

Tech-Me, as an e-commerce company, owns the Tech-Me website and mobile applications with the same name for the Android and iOS platforms, operating within the Arab Republic of Egypt.


"Terms and Conditions"

1- The customer's transaction with the company through the "Tech-Me" electronic platforms is an implicit acceptance of the company's terms and privacy provisions of the company.

2- The company has the right to share personal data registered on the website’s account in accordance with the privacy policy stated on the website.

3- The company has the right to modify, add or delete any of the mentioned conditions, whether this was done in accordance with the company's vision or according to legal updates within the Arab Republic of Egypt or recommendations of international bodies.

4- Tech-Me Company has the right to suspend or disable the account of any of its customers temporarily or permanently, and it can also delete the registered account, for the customer’s violation of any of the company’s conditions or any violations that the company deems harmful to its customers or its brand.


Conditions for creating an account on the "Tech-Me" electronic platforms: 

1- The Tech-Me customer who creates an account on the Tech-Me platforms must be over eighteen years old and reside in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

2- It is possible to create a legal account representing another person, and the creation of the account is considered the approval of the customer on all the conditions mentioned, but it is required that the legal account fulfills the legal licenses and permits.

3- It is required that the Tech-Me customer wishing to create an account disclose some personal information such as name, phone number and email.

4- Creating an account on the Tech-Me platforms is an acknowledgment of the validity of the recorded data, and the customer shall bear any damages resulting from recording incorrect data.

5- The customer’s use of a false or incorrect name to create a fictitious account or an account with another person’s data is a violation of laws and regulations, and accordingly, Tech-Me can delete or suspend the account and lawsuits can be filed in case any damages resulting from such and requesting compensation for that.

6- Customers' passwords are confidential data that no one can view, and accordingly, the account activity is the responsibility of the customer only.

7- If the account is hacked, the company must be informed as soon as possible, bearing in mind that Tech-Me is not responsible for any losses resulting from the breach, and the company has the right to request that the customer bear any damages incurred on the company because of the account hack.

8- Tech-Me accounts cannot be used by a person other than their original owner, and they cannot be assigned or inherited.

9- Tech-Me has the right to request proof of identity from the customer, and the failure to respond to the request is a primary reason for suspending or deleting the account.

10- Tech-Me has the right to suspend or delete the account of any customer who is harassing other customers.


Terms of communication between Tech-Me and its customers: 

Creating an account on the Tech-Me platforms constitutes consent to receive promotional messages via mobile phone or e-mail, and the customer has the right to cancel their subscription at any time.


Terms of Responsibility:

1- Tech-Me electronic platforms are not responsible for manufacturing defects in the products they sell, the contract is between the manufacturer or its agent and the customer.

2- Contracts with customers are subject to commercial terms and conditions and warranty based on the agent’s terms and the manufacturer.

3- The agent of the manufacturer is responsible for the delay or refusal to implement the obligations stipulated in the contract or warranty terms, without any liability on Tech-Me.


Standards for dealing with the contents of Tech-Me platforms:

1- It is strictly prohibited to use the “Tech-Me” trademark, whether in the marketing process or in the purchase of products, and it is prohibited to use the trademark in any business, even if it is not intended to harm the company.

The site design, the site map, and all visual data as well as information and textual content are all owned by Tech-Me and may not be copied or quoted, otherwise the plagiarist will be violating intellectual property laws and exposing himself to legal accountability.

2- The website and mobile applications of Tech-Me are owned by the company and any attempt to derive the source code, decrypt or deal with deletion, addition, modification, or manipulation in any way exposes the person to legal liability.

3- Dealing with customer data by hacking the site or using a robot or data mining programs exposes the person responsible to legal accountability.

4- Customers’ use of malicious software in any way that harms other customers or the company’s website, and applications results in the suspension and ban of the customer’s account completely.


Tech-Me responsibility for links across its platforms:

1- Tech-Me is not responsible for any links placed by any customer on any of its platforms.

2- Tech-Me is not responsible for the links placed on it platforms to manufacturers, agents, companies, and others, as well as for the correctness of the data inside it.


Terms and conditions of selling through Tech Me's online stores:

1- The products displayed on the company’s platforms belong to other companies and agents, and accordingly the company is not responsible for the products.

2- The company bears any responsibility for the mis-storage of the products or their exposure to damage before selling them.

3- Offers available through the site in prescribed quantities, and therefore the company is not responsible for the expiry of the quantities of offers at any time.

4- The company has the right to cancel any purchase order from customers due to stock running out.

5- The customer does not have the right to demand the products that he purchased if they were not available to receive them at the previously agreed upon time or did not respond to the person responsible for the delivery process or asked to postpone the date of receipt more than once.

6- Requests for offers that include gifts attached, Tech-Me can replace with another gift of the same value or a purchase voucher of similar value.

7- Tech-Me does not guarantee the products offered on its electronic platforms, and the conditions of the agent or distributor of the product shall apply according to the warranty attached to the product.


The elimination of any of the previous conditions does not mean the cancelation of the rest of the conditions.

The contracts between clients and Tech-Me are governed by the terms of Egyptian law, and only the Egyptian courts are to adjudicate any legal dispute.


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